Clubhouse is the new app everyone’s talking about. I joined a few weeks ago and started ‘listening in’ on rooms. There’s something quite reassuring about an audio only platform. You don’t have to be tied to your desk to listen. You can ‘drop in’ and ‘drop out’ of rooms without any fanfare.

As a Learning & Development professional – I was looking for peers to connect with, and conversations where I could explore. My drivers came from several angles:

As a profession, learning and development in organisations has been in the spotlight over the last year. Even for those that had digital options and solutions previously, moving everything ‘online’ has led to a whole new way of thinking. For some, a year when classroom training has been put on hold, and a second year where social distance and working from home will still be the norm, means that postponing training is no longer a viable option. For others short term quick fixes have been employed, that need examining for their suitability for the long-haul. We have a market-place that is overloaded with solutions. Sense-making is the order of the day. Somewhere to talk honestly with peers. What’s needed, what’s out there, and what works.

As a freelance, I need to understand what companies are dealing with. Where they are at. As a learning and development professional that has been involved with implementing digital strategies over many years, I’m keen to know where to direct my energies right now so I can best be of service. As a function, learning and development is broad. With all that digital technology can bring to training and learning, there are now so many additional specialisms within the function, instructional design, graphic design, data analysis. It’s no longer possible to be an ‘expert’ across every strand, but it is possible to keep broad oversight of the mosaic.

Throw in that 12 months of pretty much continual lockdown, and I’m craving conversation. I’m craving those random, serendipitous meetings with new people. I’m craving variety of thought, experience. Things in our profession are changing so quickly, that if we are not connected to groups of peers, to sense-check, to share, to learn, then we are doing our profession a disservice.

It was with all this in mind that I set up my first Clubhouse event. I advertised this in two Facebook groups – one for Learning & Development professionals, and one for HR independents, as I’d noticed lots of requests for help with training. It may be in time that these are two audiences with different needs, but for our inaugural event, the variety of conversation and questions made it enriching experience.

I plan to hold an event weekly, and we will evolve as we go. Starting with an ‘open’ agenda, a ‘bring your burning questions’ type conversation. Maybe in a few weeks we can have weekly themes. There’s no set plan. It’s learning by doing, and you’re welcome to join the conversation.


Not on Clubhouse? Drop me a message for an invitation!

You can see a round-up of our first event here

Our next event is on 1st April 1pm UK time, 2pm CET

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