Are you interested in your professional development?

We are offering a FREE Personal Development Coaching session to professionals in the Eindhoven area.

We have just received funding for a research project, so we are inviting people to get involved!

Personal Development Coaching

Delivered over Zoom, this one-hour coaching style session can kick-start your personal development planning and support you in your goals. You will be provided with a Personal Development Workbook prior to the session with additional resources on modern learning practices provided post-session.

This session will help you to:

· Identify where you want to be in the future
· Consider skills and knowledge you need to develop to achieve your future goals
· Accelerate your development with sustainable learning practices and habits

Contact me rachel@talentstorm.co.uk if you’d like to know more

For the free session there are some eligibility criteria: age 20+, minimum of a graduate degree, minimum of 18 months into your work/career, working in Eindhoven, available to have a 1-hour coaching style session via Zoom by 10th July

Watch the video to find out more:



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