A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Modern Learning Methods

We’re well aware of how learning in organisations is changing with new technology-led tools – but how easy is it to embrace these opportunities and lead a shift in learning culture?

The current swathe of learning technologies – from learning management and enterprise systems through to digital content and delivery methods such as micro and blended learning models – are paving the way for fundamental shifts in business outcomes. Fully understanding the impact these tools can bring and harnessing these opportunities effectively means we have to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Rachel  will lead a discussion on modern learning exploring what it means and why we need modern learning methods, and the strategic advantages a modern learning strategy can give you: speed to competence, retention of talent and raising the bar on capability.

Rachel has supported organisations in implementing modern learning strategies and will lead interactive discussions around this topic to enable you to relate to your own organisation.

Rachel Broome

Rachel has had a 25-year career leading learning in organisations across the private and public sectors and has developed internal L&D teams to fully support modern learning. Rachel supports organisations with their learning solutions and strategies.


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