Culture, values & vision

We can help you define and articulate your values and vision, as well as work with you to map your current culture against where you want it to be.

We have a range of tools we can use to map your current culture, and our expert facilitators can assist with engaging your teams through focus groups to create a new values and vision template.

Leadership & change

We can enable your leaders and teams to build common purpose, strengthen relationships and discover new ways of creating change together. We can help define what effective leadership looks like in your organisation, and provide the framework and development plan to bring everyone up to that level.

Employee engagement

We can support you in developing your organisation through your key people interventions, are they ‘fit’ for purpose and support your strategy. From attracting new employees all the way through to their exit, we can help you consider the key touchpoints of the employee journey and ensure they are aligned.

Performance management

We can develop your organisation by making sure your key people interventions like your appraisal or one to one processes are working and supporting your strategy.

We are familiar with modern digital solutions, and the current move away from an annual performance review to more fluid, regular feedback. We can work out what’s best for your organisation and work with you to get key stakeholder buy-in and successful implementation.

Rachel delivered a keynote speech at the Boarding Schools’ Association 2018 Annual Conference for Deputy Heads and Heads of Boarding. She spoke with great insight, sharing her expertise and professional knowledge of leadership and talent development with senior managers from boarding schools. Clear, engaging and highly informative, Rachel is an excellent speaker whom I would thoroughly recommend. Andrew Lewin, BSA Director of Training & International


My Mantra – how I self-talk my way to success


A mantra is a short saying or ‘affirmation’ that we say to ourselves to help remove negative thoughts or self-limiting beliefs, and replace them with something more positive. I have had some very different and distinct mantras at different times of my life, and each has had a powerful role to play.

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Learning at Work week – are you ready?


Learning at Work week is a great opportunity for Learning and Development or HR teams to remind colleagues what’s available in-house as well as helping create a culture of learning.

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The business case for using video in learning


A summary of a live 'twitter-chat' hosted by @LnDConnect on the use of video for learning solutions, featuring the video shared by Talentstorm Director Rachel Broome.

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