This workshop is for any person who is seeking ways to improve their resilience in the workplace.

Resilience has become business critical as organisations seek ways to support their staff to stay productive and healthy in workplaces that are increasingly turbulent, complex and pressurised.

This workshop is based on the peer reviewed and validated Resilience at Work (R@W) methodology developed by Psychologist and Resilience Expert Kathryn McEwen. It identifies 7 key factors which lie at the heart of personal resilience at work:

Living Authentically Knowing and holding onto your personal values, deploying your strengths, and having a good level of emotional awareness and regulation.


Finding Your Calling Having work that offers purpose and a sense of belonging. Aligning work with your core values and beliefs.


Maintaining Perspective Staying optimistic and keeping a solution focus when things go wrong. Reframing setbacks and minimising the impact of any negativity around you.


Mastering Stress Having work and life routines that help you manage your everyday stressors. Working to create work-life balance and ensuring time for relaxation and recovery.


Interacting Cooperatively Seeking feedback, advice and support and also providing support readily to others.


Staying Healthy Maintaining a good level of physical fitness, having a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep.


Building Networks Developing and maintaining the personal and professional support networks needed at home and at work in order to perform well in your job.


Delegates will discuss and explore their current situation against these factors and construct a practical and effective resilience-building plan.



Pre-Course Work Complete R@W Sustain 7 Questionnaire



Theory and Underpinnings

Introduction to Personal Resilience

Exploring the Sustain 7 Model




Analysis and Action Planning

What I currently do that helps my resilience

Exploring my R@W Sustain 7 questionnaire data

Identifying key areas to work on

Formulating a resilience plan

Supports and Obstacles along the way

Making the changes stick






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