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Rachel Broome – about me

I have developed my coaching and mentoring skills from working with managers and leaders within organisations over 20 years. I formalized my training in 2010 whilst introducing coaching at an organisation-wide level, designing a process to select and train internal coaches. This creation of a coaching culture and practice led to positive outcomes for many, including the internal coaches themselves gaining additional skills. I’m a strong advocate of mentoring and have initiated an internal mentoring programme with tools and workshops to support participants.


About my coaching

I use a non-directional approach to coaching, facilitating the coachee in achieving their own outcomes.


Areas of expertise

I have implemented organisation-wide people strategies and have worked with senior teams to set direction. I have deep insight into motivation and behavioural theory and enjoy applying coaching techniques to working with groups and teams.  As a natural strategic thinker, I help others to see the bigger picture by asking the right questions. I’m passionate about supporting and enabling others through coaching and mentoring, in particular developing managers to use coaching techniques and skills to help them develop their teams.


What I offer

Individual coaching – For individuals I can offer telephone or skype coaching. For all individuals I offer an initial exploratory session of 20 minutes to ensure there is rapport. There is no commitment after this session. Following this we will agree a plan of what is needed, this is usually around 4×1 hour sessions with 3-4 weeks in-between.

If you are a manager that feels a member of your team will benefit from coaching, we will create a 3-way contract between yourself, the individual, and me as the coach, to ensure everyone gets what they need.

Group or team coaching – I will be very happy to discuss with you your requirements and to put a bespoke proposal together of how to achieve this. This could be a series of team sessions over several weeks, or a single event, depending on the outcomes required.

Training and workshops – I offer training and workshops on coaching and mentoring.

Learning & development mentoring – I love to draw on my extensive experience as a L&D professional of over 20 years to offer insightful mentoring support to L&D Professionals for those either new to the role or wanting to grow and develop in their role.



I was feeling overwhelmed and I lacked self-esteem and confidence despite advanced degrees and specialized skill sets. Rachel helped me to sort through my thinking on my next steps, allowing me to challenge myself on some of my self-limiting beliefs and to gain clarity on what’s important to me for the future. Coaching client, 2018

Rachel helped me believe in myself when I was thinking about working for myself after raising a family. I now run a successful business and I’m very grateful for the input and insight she gave me. Coaching client, 2019


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