Conflict Resolution


This one-day course will give delegates an opportunity to explore and understand what happens when people are in conflict with one and other. Delegates will learn a range of strategies and techniques to help themselves and others stay effective and return to dialogue and problem solving when emotions run high or when the situation becomes challenging.


This workshop will help you to:

  • Explore typical conflict situations they face and strategies to deal with these
  • Explore techniques of conflict resolution
  • Explore their own role in creating, alleviating and exacerbating conflict
  • Learn ways to achieve dialogue
  • Learn techniques to control emotions in self and others
  • Learn how to explore situations and show you understand the person’s position
  • Resolve disagreements and build acceptance rather than resistance

My Mantra – how I self-talk my way to success


A mantra is a short saying or ‘affirmation’ that we say to ourselves to help remove negative thoughts or self-limiting beliefs, and replace them with something more positive. I have had some very different and distinct mantras at different times of my life, and each has had a powerful role to play.

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Learning at Work week – are you ready?


Learning at Work week is a great opportunity for Learning and Development or HR teams to remind colleagues what’s available in-house as well as helping create a culture of learning.

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The business case for using video in learning


A summary of a live 'twitter-chat' hosted by @LnDConnect on the use of video for learning solutions, featuring the video shared by Talentstorm Director Rachel Broome.

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