Group Coaching skills for the L&D professional

Many L&D professionals are trained coaches and use their coaching skills to coach individuals on a one to one basis. Parallels between coaching an individual and group training sessions exist in the sense that any personal development training is there to help facilitate greater awareness and behaviour change – much the same as coaching.

This programme will help participants revisits their foundational coaching skills of active listening and asking insightful questions and look at how these skills can be transferred into other aspects of their roles. This includes unlocking the power of effective facilitation using group coaching techniques:

  • Coaching questions to understand client needs
  • Using a coaching approach to contract at the start of a session
  • Group coaching techniques to support change, problem solve and collaborate across boundaries
  • An introduction to Action Learning
  • An introduction to team coaching

This multi-day programme spread over several months will allow participants the opportunity to practice new skills in-between sessions.


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