Hosting Webinars – an introduction


Webinars are a much-used new medium that is available to the in-house trainer and external consultant. A different skill-set is required to truly make the webinar come to life and not feel as if it is a one-way presentation.

This 40-minute webinar is designed to be an introduction for anyone planning to deliver webinars for the first time or looking to enhance their existing webinar delivery.

Whether you are an existing face to face trainer who is looking to re-purpose their training content or for someone new to training and webinars this session will provide some key pointers:

  • Why are Webinars useful?
  • What are some of the webinar platforms available?
  • How to engage your audience when using webinars
  • Effective visuals for webinars
  • The 4P’s of running a successful webinar
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