This full-day workshop is designed to help delegates consider topics related to gender diversity and trans-awareness and to apply these to appropriate behaviour when working with customers and service users. This will be achieved through trainer led discussion, group activities, and examination of relevant case studies.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the current Gender Diversity within society
  • Understanding of how sex, gender and sexual orientation interact
  • Legislation, rights and responsibilities relating to trans identities
  • Key terms and use of language
  • Trans issues and ways to be trans inclusive
  • Signposting to further information and resources


Case study

Case study: LearningPlanet supports Customer First culture


Nothing to lose and everything to gain – read how this electrical company turned their culture around with LearningPlanets microlearning training videos

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Case study

Case study: Life changing training extends beyond work


Read how LearningPlanet's soft skills training at a time of major change gave staff the added confidence and skills to face the challenges ahead

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The rise and rise of women’s networks


Why are women's networking groups on the rise and can they really make a difference? Rachel recounts her recent experiences of networking in The Netherlands and reviews what makes a network successful.

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