Planning & Managing Projects


This two-day course provides an overview of all aspects relating to managing resources and delivering small projects including the people aspects such as managing project teams and influencing stakeholders.


This course will help you to:

  • Consider the importance of resource planning
  • Practice putting together a business case
  • Understand the key elements of planning for small projects
  • Consider strategies for managing different personality types in your project teams
  • Delegate to others within your project effectively
  • Develop a plan to meet existing and potential stakeholder needs


Day 1 – Plan your Project

This interactive day will focus on how to plan your project, working out your timeline and preparing and presenting a pitch, as well as an overview of key project management elements. Also, what are your resources? Which ones can you influence? When and how can you bid for more resources? Putting together a business case. The need to identify the resources required to operate effectively. What is effective planning – how do you develop and monitor plans to ensure all requirements are met?Delegates can use live examples to work through for group work.

Summary content:

  • Defining the project
  • Project management basics: effective planning
  • Bidding for resources
  • Create and present a business case
  • Running a small project: action planning, work breakdown, Gantt charts
  • Scenarios

Day 2 – People Skills for Projects

This day will focus on working with project teams, including managing technical experts, people senior to you, creative types, people who have vested interests and how to blend them into a functioning project team.Also, understanding your stakeholders: what do they need and expect from you? What data and information is available to you on stakeholder needs? How to develop a plan to meet existing and potential stakeholder needs. How to manage stakeholder needs and expectations in order to achieve your project goals. How effective networking can help you when it comes to influencing stakeholders.

Summary content:

  • Effective delegation
  • Managing different personality types
  • Leading a project team – influencing & motivating skills
  • Planning to meet existing and potential stakeholder needs
  • How to establish, encourage, maintain and develop internal and external networks of business contacts.

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