Managing Your Talent

This two-day course provides an introduction and overview of what is meant by talent management and how this compares to workforce planning. Different methods and models for managing talent are considered, including how to assess your current, future, and anticipated people requirements in a strategic way.

Course content

  • Assessing the strategic importance of your current, future and anticipated HR requirements
  • Analysing how HR planning impacts on your strategic plan
  • Producing a succession plan for your organisation
  • The current legal requirements which influence a HR plan
  • Different methods of recruiting and selecting new talent
  • How to retain talented people in your organisation
  • Understanding how organisational culture impacts on recruitment and retention
  • Adapting to the changing patterns of work

Who should attend?

Senior managers, directors or HR professionals that want to think strategically about how to manage their talent now and in the future.


Discussion around models & theories, diagnostic tools used to help attendees assess their workplaces, case studies to draw out best practice

Attending this module can lead to a CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Management & Leadership – 3000 word assignment plus 20 guided learning hours


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