Presentation Skills


This course is suitable for anyone who makes verbal presentations and would like to improve their presentation skills. This workshop will help you become a better presenter with both increased skills and confidence.


This course will help you to:

  • Select and define clear objectives for your presentations
  • Understand the needs of your audience
  • Plan and structure your presentations in a logical format
  • Create and use visual aids to increase impact and interest
  • Interpret body language and achieve a rapport with the audience
  • Encourage audience questions and respond to them well
  • Practice vocal and physical projection techniques
  • Present convincingly to a wide range and size of audience

My Mantra – how I self-talk my way to success


A mantra is a short saying or ‘affirmation’ that we say to ourselves to help remove negative thoughts or self-limiting beliefs, and replace them with something more positive. I have had some very different and distinct mantras at different times of my life, and each has had a powerful role to play.

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Learning at Work week – are you ready?


Learning at Work week is a great opportunity for Learning and Development or HR teams to remind colleagues what’s available in-house as well as helping create a culture of learning.

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The business case for using video in learning


A summary of a live 'twitter-chat' hosted by @LnDConnect on the use of video for learning solutions, featuring the video shared by Talentstorm Director Rachel Broome.

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