Report Writing


This course is suitable for anyone who writes reports as part of their role. It aims to help you write reports that are clear and well-structured, written with the readers in mind and give the necessary information.


This course will help you to:

  • Describe the structured process of planning and writing a report
  • Consider the readers’ perspective
  • Identify key points to communicate
  • Explain how to structure reports using headings and sub-headings
  • Identify persuasive arguments and explain them clearly
  • Explain how to make reports easy to read
  • Demonstrate writing a clear summary

Online video content via LearningPlanet


Talentstorm is pleased to announce a new partnership with LearningPlanet, allowing us to offer the LearningPlanet online video content library of soft skills to organisations in the UK as part of training and development programmes and as stand-alone options.

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Case study

Ditching the appraisal: moving to digital monthly check-ins


This case study demonstrates a move from a paper-based annual performance management to a digital check-in process for a large housing group, and how getting early buy-in from stakeholders was key.

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The changing nature of leading teams


Team-leaders are at the coal-face of modern organisations, and as such, need their axes to be always sharp. This blog looks at the challenges they face, and the approaches that will help them.

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