Are you drowning under the weight of paperwork?  Do you struggle to keep up with the quantity of reports and papers that each meeting generates?  If you find yourself reading the papers while the discussion is going on, playing catch-up rather than keep-up, then you need speedreading.

The purpose of speedreading is not to read a thousand words a minute, all the time.  It is to read very fast through irrelevant information but to slow appropriately when you need to absorb detail in order to understand enough to have useful discussion and make good decisions.

Course content

The training offers a selection of speed reading techniques, supported by exercises to develop the physical ability of the eye to move faster and the brain to process information at greater speed.
  • Learn how to preview a document and determine the purpose of reading it
  • Read faster without losing comprehension
  • Build up the speed of movement of your eye and broaden your peripheral vision to take in more information at a glance
  • Scan a document to find the relevant information
  • Skim read to gain a general understanding of the content
  • Process multiple documents to find related information


Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to improve their reading speed and comprehension, the training is appropriate for those who read paper documents as well as on tablets or other reading devices


A series of practical exercises to build skill and confidence, using a variety of documents. Participants are asked to bring four reports from their workplace to use throughout the day.


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