Transform your organisation with our Modern Learner Programme

Help your people to develop faster and more effectively by taking control of their own personal development and career direction. They’ll achieve their learning goals faster and develop the skills of self-directed learning they can use over and over again in their careers.

What a Modern Learner Programme can do for your organisation

  • Support and enable employees to become self-directed learners, an essential component if you want to be a true ‘learning organisation’
  • The self-study approach works for SME’s that don’t have much in-house L&D resource – effectively you can ‘outsource’ your L&D by working with us
  • Works for any business that wants to shift the learning culture – we can come in and create a conversation around self-directed learning – we can link this to your existing values
  • This will help develop your people faster and more effectively – developing attributes needed for the 21stCentury workforce.
  • Skills used to be an effective self-directed learner mirror the skills needed to succeed in modern working environments

Programme Content

Personal development workbook plus modular content on:

  • Being a Purposeful Learner
  • Being a Curious Learner
  • Being a Confident Learner
  • Getting Connected

Extra resources, factsheets, practical exercises, bonus material for each workshop

Your questions answered:

Why do I need to support my employees to take ownership for their learning?

Workplaces and skills requirements are constantly changing, and more complex skills are needed. Having employees that can take ownership of their learning needs and draw on methods to meet those needs is what’s going to make the difference for organisations to be successful.

What is special about this Programme?

This is a unique programme that focuses specifically on awareness and a range of skills around self-development and personal learning. Attendees are given a ‘safe space’ to consider their own learning practices and to be challenged and supported to create goals and develop behaviours that will help them achieve their career goals.

How does this work?

This Programme includes four workshops held over eight weeks plus a Personal Development Workbook and additional tools to support learning in-between sessions. Workshops are 75 minutes in length and will be held on Zoom.

What additional support is available beyond the workshops to really make it stick?

Our group coaching session at the end will give you the opportunity to review and reflect on your learning and go deeper into any topic that you choose. Additional support for organisations can include a range of campaign materials to raise awareness of themes around self-development and learning. Our self-study option for the workshops is also available to you to go on your LMS or Sharepoint platform

What is covered?

Workshop 1: How to be a Purposeful Learner

Aim: To help you identify what learning and development you need to help you reach your career goals and to understand the importance of being a self-directed learner.

We will cover:

  • The changes in work and careers and what that means for us.
  • What it means to be a modern, self-directed learner.
  • Different tools for learning that are available.
  • How to assess your learning needs for your current and future career.
  • How to create a learning and development plan to achieve them.

Workshop 2: Being a Curious Learner

Aim: To help you assess your beliefs about your own skills and abilities, and to challenge any mindset blocks that may be holding you back.

We will cover:

  • Why we need to be able to ‘unlearn’ to make strides in our own skills and abilities
  • The power of curiosity as a driver for learning
  • The characteristics of a fixed versus growth mindset including a self-assessment
  • Applying a fixed growth mindset to your current learning goals

Workshop 3: Being a Confident Learner

Aim: This workshop will help you assess your current process of learning and explore new ways of learning by sharing it with others.

We will cover:

  • Mapping our current learning activities to see if we are stretching ourselves or playing safe
  • Reviewing our learning goals to see if we can use more ‘active’ learning strategies
  • How to build a daily learning habit
  • What Working Out Loud might mean for us
  • Sharing our knowledge with others through training or blog/article writing

Workshop 4: Getting Connected

Aim: This workshop will help you consider how you can build meaningful learning networks and strengthen connections so you can learn from others.

We will cover:

  • How to build a professional learning network
  • How to use social platforms like LinkedIn to grow your network
  • How to find a mentor and get the most from a mentoring relationship
  • Sharing knowledge through Communities of Practice

During one of our sessions I expressed my thoughts about working as a CTO or starting my own tech company. With no business I need a playground to experience how it feels to create a tech start up. Rachel’s advice and questions on how I would achieve this led me to an incubation programe to experience being in a start-up whilst managing my daily job. This experience led me to securing my ideal next position.Emmanuel Yeboah - Development Engineer

The ‘Modern Learner’ workshop programme and its focus is unique. Rachel really gets people to think about their self-development and career journey in a different way. This was exactly what we needed, to help to grow a culture of self-directed learning.’ Cezary Kujawski, Training & Development Manager

The way Rachel described the learning journey really opened my eyes. I never thought of it like this before and it works. This is what led me to take up coaching. She has a different approach to learning methods and education and training and has helped me to think about learning in a broader sense and broaden out the ways I learn.Maria Hatzigeorgiadou, Growth Strategist

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