How to be a Modern Learner

Zoom workshop – Monday 2nd November 7pm Central European Time

This interactive Zoom workshop will help you understand the importance of modern learning techniques and provide an introduction to up-to-date approaches that will support your professional development.

While our employers have their part to play in providing tools, resources and opportunities for our learning, we also have to take responsibility.

We are likely to have to upskill or reskill, not just once, but several times, throughout our careers. The old model of education, work and retirement does not fit any more, and we need to be able to manage the learning we need for the next shift in our role, while we are still in a full-time role.

This interactive workshop via Zoom will help get your thinking started on your effectiveness as a learner, and what the modern learning strategies are that you will need to master to succeed in our rapidly evolving workplaces.

This introductory event is planned to be the first in a series of workshops on skills and personal development.

Normally we would love to hold a session like this face to face, so that participants could share experiences and learn from each other. We will be running it on Zoom, but will do all we can to keep the interactivity.

We will:

Ask questions and enable the chat function for responses
Have group discussions in break-out rooms
Encourage participants to have cameras on
Have set times where you can have your microphones on for any questions

You don’t need to bring anything, just yourself and a pen and paper for you to capture any learning!

You can register your place on this free workshop here



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