'Learning is not attained by chance

- it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence'

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Our Approach

At Talentstorm we are passionate about developing people and organisations.

With the pressures to become more innovative, fast adapting and client oriented, it can be difficult to know how to skill up your employees. You may be wanting to train your people quicker and smarter. You may be wanting to take control of your own personal development so you can create a new future. We believe our individual potential is limitless, and we can all continue to learn and grow.

Our Approach

What We Do

We pride ourselves on a consultative approach, working with you to understand the needs of your organisation and identifying what will work to help you achieve your strategy. We understand the value of modern learning practice and can provide practical as well as strategic support to individuals and organisations.

For you

We can help you with:

Workshops on modern learning practice and personal development

One to one Personal Development sessions

12-month Personal Development Support


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For your organization

We can help you with:

Strategic learning & development consultancy

Modern Learning Strategy Workshop for L&D teams

Mentoring support for L&D teams



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Latest News

Read our blogs and case studies


Why Learning Goals are Essential


Strategies to implement learning that will help you achieve your goals

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LearningPlanet Demo


Join one of our weekly Zoom demos for an introduction to LearningPlanet’s suite of micro-learning training videos.

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How to be a Modern Learner – webinar


Explores the concept of the Modern Learner and approaches and tools to support modern learning practice.

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The Uncomfortable Art of Unlearning


Unlearning, fixed versus growth mindsets and working through change....

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