Strategic Learning and Development

Do you want to create a coherent learning and development strategy for your business, gain buy-in from key stakeholders, and implement a project plan?

Do you want to skill up your managers to be effective learning champions and role-models?

Do you want to create a learning organisation and support your employees in taking responsibility for their personal development?

We offer bespoke L&D consultancy to organisations striving to create a learning culture and implement modern learning methods.

A good place to start could be our Modern Learning Strategy Workshop – designed to help Learning & Development teams explore modern learning strategies, and assess where they are currently against where they want to be.

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Presentations and Workshops

We can deliver presentations and workshops (face to face or online) on a range of topics, here are our current favourites:

How to be a Modern Learner

This workshop explores the need to ‘self-direct’ our learning – how changes in work and careers mean we have to continually evolve, new approaches to learning – technology tools that are available, and how we can develop the characteristics to be effective, modern learners.

Owning Your Personal Development

An interactive session allowing participants the opportunity to review their current Personal Development and learning practices, reflect on meaningful goals and plan for the future.

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Personal Development Coaching

Our Personal Development Coaching is  focused around your personal development and learning needs. We have developed tools to guide you through reflecting on your future goals and will assist you with creating a plan. Suitable for mid-career professionals or those just starting out, our structured coaching is a great way to ensure you are preparing for your best professional future.

You get to have conversations about your development at work, in a safe space. You can explore your work-place goals and objectives and the development or learning you need. Our focus is on enabling and supporting you to achieve these goals whilst building longer term self-development practices that will sustain you going forward.

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