Learning & Development Leaders Group

Designed for those new to the profession or looking to grow skill sets within L&D, our series of 5 Zoom sessions over 4 months will inspire you and offer you accountability for goals related to your role.

We’re delighted to be launching our first Coaching Group for Learning & Development Leaders! Being in an L&D role sometimes you are on your own in your organisation, and it can be challenging to keep up to date with the skills and solutions that are needed. Our L&D group coaching is here to offer connection, community, shared ideas, and accountability.


  • 5 x 90-minute Zoom sessions themed on topics including: modern learning, working out loud, personal learning networks and growth mindsets, equipping you with skills to apply to your future learning and development, and ideas you can share within your organisations.
  • A guest speaker at each session; these will be carefully curated to suit your goals. These Q&A sessions will allow you to home in on what’s useful for you.
  • An online group to keep up the conversation and learning in-between sessions.

What you’ll get:

  • A chance to focus on your own learning goals and create your own self-development plan
  • Introduction to monthly themes on modern learning and self-development topics
  • Experience in group coaching processes
  • The chance to network and build learning partnerships with peers
  • Access to a range of guest speakers from various L&D specialisms and opportunity to ask questions
  • Extra resources and materials shared in our online group

All this for just £300                            Next group starts June 7

All sessions are 4pm UK time on Mondays including the following dates: June 7, June 28, July 19, Aug 30, Sept 20

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion New Leaders Group

For those with new responsibilities for equality, diversity and inclusion or those that are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding, our monthly Zoom sessions will provide you with a safe space to learn.

Whether you are trying to create a strategy or raise awareness through training or other activities, you may want to build your confidence working with and discussing equality, diversity & inclusion issues.

We’ll use a group coaching approach in our monthly Zoom calls, over 5 months. In addition, we’ll provide relevant content in-between each session via our Slack group. We’ll have some guest speakers come to our sessions, curated specifically around the group’s needs.

You’ll learn from your peers and collectively explore solutions, moving you forward with your own goals in the field of equality, diversity & inclusion as well as learning from our monthly themes and guest speakers.

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To join our waiting list email rachel@talentstorm.co.uk

Career Development Group

Are you a mid-career professional that wants more out of your working life but not quite sure what? Do you want to take some time out to reflect on your career development goals and how to achieve them whilst being supported and challenged?

With a busy job it’s not always possible to stand back and consider all the options that you have. Our group coaching is a safe space to explore where you want to be in the future and consider skills and knowledge you need to develop to achieve future goals.

Each session will have a theme around career development practices, such as building a personal learning network, how to find a mentor, and personal branding. Our group approach will provide you with a safe space to network and practice key skills.

We’ll have a guest speaker at each session, where you can ask questions specific to you.

All this for just £200                  Next group starts June 8

All sessions are 3pm UK time/4pm EST on Tuesdays including the following dates: June 8, June 29, July 20, Aug 31, Sept 21

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