Learning & Development Consultancy

  • Do you want to create a coherent Learning and Development strategy for your business?
  • Do you want to skill up your managers to be effective learning champions and role-models?
  • Do you want to create a learning organisation and support your employees in taking responsibility for their personal development?

We offer bespoke L&D consultancy to organisations striving to create a learning culture and implement modern learning methods. We can help gain buy-in from key stakeholders for your strategy and help you implement a project plan. Drop me an email at rachel@talentstorm.co.uk and let’s talk about how we can help you create a future-ready Learning and Development strategy.

Why do we need modern approaches to learning strategy?


Different expectations 

Expectations of your learners are different – we know that the top 3 ways people learn are YouTube, google and twitter. People expect instant answers and customized content, in accessible formats, at a time that suits them.

Better outcomes 

Learning can be more effective – we know that retention drops off almost immediately after a learning event, so blended learning models and campaign approaches are more likely to achieve the performance outcomes that you and your learners want.

The bigger picture 

Successful organisations of the future will be those that harness individual and team talent. A modern learning organisation can drive a true collaborative working environment

Modern Learning Strategy Workshop

Our full-day Modern Learning Strategy workshop is designed to help Learning & Development teams explore modern learning strategies, and to assess where they are currently against where they want to be. This can be crucial in setting direction for the team and ensuring that Learning & Development is supporting the business strategy. This workshop content can be adapted to suit the team and organizational context. Can be delivered online using a blended approach.

This facilitated one-day workshop can help you and your L&D team to:

Future-proof your learning strategy

  • Develop a modern learning strategy that will work for your business
  • Develop a business case
  • Gain buy-in from key stakeholders

Develop your learning and development team

  • Support and upskill your L&D team to think about content differently, and to take on different roles that support the delivery of blended learning models

Create flexible content

  • Re-purpose training content in different mediums and create new solutions to fit blended delivery models.

Shift the culture to a modern learning organization

  • Create a true learning organisation where the learner is empowered and engaged in continual learning
  • Enable improved performance through team collaboration


Want to talk about a Learning Strategy for your organisation? Drop me an email at rachel@talentstorm.co.uk


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