This one-day workshop is for serving team leaders and managers who wish to:

  • Analyse their personal and team leadership resilience behaviour
  • Create space for discussion and planning around resilience in their team
  • Determine what they need to personally do, as the leader, to support resilience in their team.
  • Approach resilience systemically and develop scalable interventions.

Team resilience at work is multi-faceted and resilience has become business critical as organisations seek ways to support their staff to stay productive in workplaces that are increasingly turbulent, complex and pressurised. They need ways to help employees and teams to:

  • Survive and thrive in constant change and uncertainty
  • Stay productive, despite increasing demands to do more with less
  • Manage customer expectations that may exceed delivery capabilities
  • Maintain physical and emotional well-being despite job pressures
  • Make performance sustainable over the longer term.

As a manager, you have a substantial impact on your team given the additional influence and authority assigned to your role.

This means you can promote, or detract from, resilience through your personal role-modelling and your support for actions that foster team resilience. Whether you want to, or not, you directly influence the workplace climate and the unwritten rules of how things operate within your team.


Pre-Course Work Complete R@W Leader or R@W Leader 180° Questionnaire



Theory and Underpinnings

Introduction to Team Resilience

The need for a systemic approach

How Team Resilience differs from Personal Resilience

The systemic nature of Team Resilience

What a leader needs to do to enhance resilience in teams

Exploring the R@W Leader and Team 7 Model




Analysis and Action Planning

What we currently do that helps foster team resilience

Exploring my teams R@W Leader 7 questionnaire data

Identifying key areas to work on

Formulating a resilience plan

Supports and Obstacles along the way

Making the changes stick


Note:    this workshop can be backed-up with personal coaching to deal with the more complex, systemic and long-term challenges a leader may face.



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