Personal Learning Workshop


Drawing on the latest thinking around learning, this half-day session is designed to challenge delegates to review their learning habits, raise awareness of the need for focused learning and to explore new methods of learning. We will draw on the findings of  The Transformation Curve, the 2018 research report into the shifting role of Learning & Development, which describes the need for a ‘modern, self-directed learner who is purposeful, curious, confident, social, connected and adaptable and able to take ownership of their learning and development.’



This session will cover:

  • The case for being a better learner
  • What the learning skills are for the 21stcentury
  • How to take advantage of new methods of learning
  • How to decide what to learn
  • Action planning and next steps

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Modern Learning Methods


We're well aware of how learning in organisations is changing with technology based tools - but how easy is it to embrace these opportunities and lead a shift in learning culture? This is the topic for discussion at the HR Heads Breakfast Forum in Bournemouth on 20th June.

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Future Ready


Part two of our ‘Shaping the Future’ Learning series – in this blog we look at the future of work, the skills that are needed and how the learning industry is responding.

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Future Open


The first of three blog posts on learning under the main theme of ‘Shaping the Future’ from this year’s Learning at Work week. This blog considers how technology has 'opened up' both personal and workplace learning.

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