Blogging is a great way to learn and to connect with others. Whether building a brand for your business, raising your profile at work or simply for fun, blogging can bring great benefits. I’ve learnt my craft from writing for my personal blog, and it is now a key way for me to communicate my thoughts with my professional peers, as well as new and potential customers. Blogging helps me make sense of life, and of my work. It enables me to ‘think out loud’, share my knowledge and connect with others.

In this 1-hour introduction (Recorded as a live Zoom webinar) we’ll be covering:

Why blog? Understand your purpose to help determine what kind of blog to create.

How to get started – what platforms are available. Blog writing style and how it differs from other writing.

Openings – tips for powerful titles to get your blog read.

How to plan and structure your blog

Rachel started a personal blog 5 years ago purely for the joy of writing – this can be found at https://tallrachel.wordpress.com. Rachel soon found herself as a guest writer for an online magazine which led to many opportunities including fashion blogging. For over 25 years Rachel has used the power of words to communicate in organisations and has implemented organisation wide writing skills training on the importance of tone. Passionate about the subject, Rachel delivered workshops and training on writing skills as well as mentoring senior leaders on blog-writing to build your professional profile.