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Moving to check-ins for performance management

Want a more fluid appraisal – here’s how…


 Modern Learning Strategy Workshop

Our new Modern Learning Strategy workshop is designed to help L&D teams explore modern learning strategies, and to assess where they are currently against where they want to be. This can be crucial in setting direction for the team and ensuring that Learning & Development is supporting the business strategy. This one-day workshop can be adapted to suit the needs of your business and where you are now, and can include the following:

What is modern learning strategy and why is it needed

  • The rate of change, employment trends and the changing nature of careers
  • learning strategy checklist
  • building a business case

‘Towards Maturity’ the Transformation Curve

  • Exploring the 6 learning & development themes: informal learning, formal learning, manager, individual, governance, learning & development
  • The 4 stages of learning maturity and how they apply in your organisation

Technology and learning

  • How technology can assist learning – what’s available
  • Mapping where you are and where you need to be with your tech solutions
  • Learning technology use checklist

The future of learning content

  • Blended learning models
  • Why we need to re-use and re-purpose learning content
  • Hacks and tools for getting the most out of your content

What skills are needed in a modern learning team

  • L&D skill priority checklist (based on CIPD model)
  • Alternative models for L&D skills
  • Tools/resources that are available to support the modern learning leader
  • 40 ways to build the skill of L&D teams

Steps in creating a learning culture

  • Importance of self-directed learning
  • 40 ways to support self-directed learners and learning
  • 40 ways to get leaders on board with learning

Action planning and next steps



Online video content via LearningPlanet


Talentstorm is pleased to announce a new partnership with LearningPlanet, allowing us to offer the LearningPlanet online video content library of soft skills to organisations in the UK as part of training and development programmes and as stand-alone options.

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Case study

Ditching the appraisal: moving to digital monthly check-ins


This case study demonstrates a move from a paper-based annual performance management to a digital check-in process for a large housing group, and how getting early buy-in from stakeholders was key.

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The changing nature of leading teams


Team-leaders are at the coal-face of modern organisations, and as such, need their axes to be always sharp. This blog looks at the challenges they face, and the approaches that will help them.

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