Group Coaching

Our group coaching programmes run on Zoom over several months, allowing accountability, group interaction and peer to peer learning. We have programmes for:

Learning & Development Leaders

Designed for those new to the profession or looking to grow skill sets within L&D, our monthly sessions will inspire you and offer you accountability for goals related to your role.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion New Leaders

For those with new responsibilities for equality, diversity and inclusion or those that are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding, our sessions will provide you with a safe space to learn.

Mid-career professionals

Are you a mid-career professional that wants more out of your working life but not quite sure what? Do you want to take some time out to reflect on your career development goals and how to achieve them whilst being supported and challenged?


Click here to find out more or book a discovery call to see how our group coaching solutions can help you achieve your learning and development goals.

Individual Coaching

Interested in individual coaching? Book up a discovery call, I’d love to talk with you to see how I can help you meet your goals.

We can design a tailored programme for you or you can book an individual session (single sessions are available from £100/€120).

Coaching is via Zoom or can be face to face for clients in Eindhoven.

The session helped me reshape my leadership skills and explore new career avenues by thinking beyond the scope of my daily tasks

During one of our sessions I expressed my thoughts about working as a CTO or starting my own tech company. With no business I need a playground to experience how it feels to create a tech start-up. Rachel’s advice and questions on how I would achieve this led me to an incubation program to experience being in a start-up whilst managing my daily job

Our session was very insightful for me. It enabled me to look at what I truly want or need to learn in order to achieve my goals and ambitions.

I remember very much the way she described the learning journey. And that opened my eyes and I thought, oh, I never thought of it is like this and it works. I really saw that she has a different approach on learning methods and on education and training. And she sees the learning as more, in a broader sense. I really liked that

She really got me thinking much wider. So, I did some research on myself to say, what other options could there be. It helped me to see a little bit better, and to open up my search criteria

She put me into a position that I should work with myself and understand myself. And I think in the end that was much wiser than giving me a solution on a plate

It was really useful - it's that personal focus and also something that contributes to your level of confidence at any point in time

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