Team Leader Programme  – Blended and Virtual

(Optional CMI Level 3 or 5)

This programme is aimed at newly appointed line managers, supervisors and team leaders as well as more experienced managers who have not previously had any management training. It would also be suitable for people with the potential to become managers within the next couple of years.

This programme has been designed to help participants develop their management and leadership skills to get the best out of their teams and to relate the theories and principles to their own working lives. Delegates will gain valuable insights into what is expected of them as a manager and understand why people management is taken so seriously. This programme is designed to run as a modular programme with 2-4 weeks between each module, allowing learners the opportunity to implement their learning. Using participative exercises, discussions and input by the facilitator, this programme aims to promote understanding and practical applications of the subject matter. Sample modules are suggested below, however these topics could be adapted to suit any particular organisational needs: 

Module 1: Effective Team Leading 

Module 2: Leadership Skills 

Module 3: Motivating for Performance 

Module 4: Giving Feedback & Coaching Skills

Module 5: Managing Team and Individual Performance


A Blended and Online Programme

 This will be a fully ‘blended’ and online programme, with no sessions held face to face. To do this we plan to use the following elements:

  1. One-to-one sessions with participants x 3, at the start, middle and end of the programme
  2. Introductory workshop plus CMI Induction
  3. Delivery of 5 modular workshop plus Introductory workshop and Review workshop
  4. Blend of learning resources and course work outside of online training sessions
  5. Access to LearningPlanet online resource library for 1 year for all delegates


Optional CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Qualification

Adding in the option for a management qualification at Level 3 or 5 is a popular choice. Learners get to solidify their learning through studying and completing an assignment. At Talentstorm we have been supporting management training coupled with qualifications for 20 years. We partner with Crescente.co.uk who provide the CMI Induction, and full support with assignment writing via telephone and email. Learners have access to a custom learning pathway via ManagementDirect.


Team Leader Programme – Outline

Introductory Workshop 

This introductory workshop will allow for an overview of the programme, with icebreakers and introductions, and discovering delegates aims and objectives. Also including an overview of self-directed learning skills and how to get the most out of a blended programme.

As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Identify their key aims and objectives for the programme
  • Understand how to get the most from the programme
  • Have deepened their awareness of the need for continual learning and development
  • Introduced to tools to support self-directed learning

Module 1 – Effective Team Leading

The role of team leaders and managers in the context of an organisations strategy. The value of Mission, vision and value statements in an organisation. The knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be an effective team leader/manager. The types of different teams that exist in organisations.

As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Understand how their role fits into the organisations strategy
  • Understand the complex role of the team leader and have assess themselves against the knowledge, skills and behaviours required

Module 2 – Leadership Skills

The difference between management and leadership. Situational leadership – when to use different styles/approaches for different situations. Transitioning into the role of a team leader. The importance of networking as it applies to leading a team. How to identify key stakeholders and understand their needs.

As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Be aware of different styles/approaches of leadership for different situations
  • Understand the importance of networking as it applies to leading a team
  • Be able to identify key stakeholders and understand their needs

Module 3Motivating for High Performance

An introduction to motivation theory. How to set performance objectives for individuals and for teams, the link between individual, team and organisational objectives (the golden thread). Different models for setting objectives. Methods & systems for assessing and recording performance – one-to-ones KPI’s, team meetings. Managing remote teams.

As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Be able to set performance objectives for their team and individuals
  • Be able to assess performance against objectives and provide feedback

Module 4 – Giving Feedback & Coaching Skills

Different methods of providing effective feedback including the feedback sandwich. Coaching skills including GROW techniques; how to use coaching to improve performance in work settings.

As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Provide advice, guidance and support to improve performance
  • Be able to coach and utilise feedback skills for individuals and teams

Module 5 – Managing Team & Individual Performance

Helping delegates identify issues which affect the performance of their team and individuals within the team, including how to evaluate and assess performance, and understanding their responsibilities, options and support available when dealing with individual and team performance issues.

As a result of this session, the participants will:

  • Be aware of issues which can affect the performance of a team or individuals
  • Know how to address performance issues including what help and support can be offered
  • Be familiar with the discipline and grievance procedures and when to use them

Review Workshop

This workshop will enable delegates to reflect on learning that has taken place and develop a learning plan for going forward. Review and feedback on this pilot programme as a whole, including module content and approaches.

As a result of this session, the participants will:

  • Consolidate learning and experiences gained from the programme through reflection and discussion
  • Take ownership and plan for future learning and development needs
  • Review and feedback on this pilot programme


Email us at enquiries@talentstorm.co.uk if you are interested in a team leader/manager programme.

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