Our Personal Development Mentoring is  focused around your personal development and learning needs. We have developed tools to guide you through reflecting on your future goals and will assist you with creating a plan. Suitable for mid-career professionals or those just starting out, our structured mentoring is a great way to ensure you are preparing for your best professional future.

What is Personal Development Mentoring?

Personal Development Mentoring is an opportunity for you to have conversations about your development at work. You can explore your work-place goals and objectives and the development or learning you need to achieve them.

Our focus is on enabling and supporting you to achieve these goals whilst building longer term self-development practices that will sustain you going forward.

Why do I need it?

For many of us our workplaces are changing, and this change is set to continue. We may need to develop new skills, new knowledge and new behaviours. Not just one time, but continually.

Our employers can help us with this, but we may need more than they can give us. A PD Mentoring session allows you to be open and honest about your career, your personal development and your current work-related challenges.

How is it different to regular coaching or mentoring?

 Where our PD Mentoring sessions differ are in that we draw on our many years’ experience of helping groups and individuals to learn and develop in the workplace. We support you in getting on track with your current personal/career goals, and work with you using a ‘coaching-style’ approach of effective questioning and listening, allowing you to work out your own solutions. Throughout this process we will gradually introduce you to practices that will enable you to self-direct your learning in the future.

How does it work?

 We schedule a series of four one-hour PD Mentoring sessions, usually one month apart. Prior to the first session you will be provided with a Personal Development Workbook. In-between each session we will introduce you to additional tools and techniques on self-directed learning. How much time we spend in each session on whatever you bring, versus the self-directed learning focus, is entirely up to you.

How will I benefit?

Traditional learning is not enough to deal with the amount of change and complexity that we have to deal with today. Our PD Mentoring Sessions will help you to take a strategic look at how you are approaching your personal/career development and help you put in place strategies that will serve you in the longer term. As we take a coaching-style approach, we can be flexible to serve your particular needs and challenges. We will support you in trying out new ways of learning.

Are you interested in piloting our PD Mentoring approach? Drop us a line at rachel@talentstorm.co.uk or book a 30 minute no obligation chat to find out more.


Here’s the feedback we’ve had from our Phase 1 pilot:

I didn't even know that there are actually ways to improve the way you learn things, which obviously there are, and there are a lot of tools. So, it was really fun to focus on that

She put me into a position that I should work with myself and understand myself. And I think in the end that was much wiser than giving me a solution on a plate

it was really useful - it's that personal focus and also something that contributes to your level of confidence at any point in time

I remember very much the way she described the learning journey. And that opened my eyes and I thought, oh, I never thought of it is like this and it works. I really saw that she has a different approach on learning methods and on education and training. And she sees the learning as more, in a broader sense. I really liked that

She really got me thinking much wider. So, I did some research on myself to say, what other options could there be. It helped me to see a little bit better, and to open up my search criteria

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