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Group coaching: the new ingredient for virtual training


Can group coaching be the new element to help make learning stick in a world of online training.

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What does blended learning look like in an all-digital world?


Now most training is delivered online, the case for a new model of blended learning is explored

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The bias against Unconscious Bias training


The debate around Unconsious Bias training, and why a strategic approach is needed to raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion

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L & D on Clubhouse


Learning & Development - a summary of key points shared in our weekly Clubhouse conversation!

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Join the conversation: L&D on Clubhouse


Talentstorm Director Rachel gives the background as to why she has taken to the new social app Clubhouse to host conversations on Learning & Development.

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Tips for virtual networking and connecting


We talk these days of ‘connecting’ rather than networking. The move to online events this past year has opened up a whole realm of new possibilities.

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Networking for Introverts


Most of us realise we need to network in order to build relationships that could serve us in our careers. Networking, however, doesn’t always come easily to introverts. Here are some simple tactics that work well.

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How to Avoid Career Lockdown


How personal development and learning practices will need to shift to avoid stalling careers, and our three tips for keeping your career on track.

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The bigger the project, the greater the learning


How I began my journey of writing a biography of my late Father, and how taking on a 'big' project can lead to an unprecedented amount of learning.

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People Management Priorities for 2021


Given 2020 was a tricky year for businesses, what are the key priorities for people professionals and people managers for 2021?

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Personal Development Mentoring


The latest learning & development news from Talentstorm, our new Personal Development Mentoring, and an invitation to 'check in'...

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Information overload – how to save and sort what you find online


Tips and recommended tools to help with saving useful links you find online

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What is ‘Working Out Loud’?


What 'Working Out Loud' means and tips on how to get started.

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Leadership Lessons from my Father – my goal to write a book


This year I'm writing a book to capture what I have learnt from my Dad's example as a leader across multiple spheres, not just in the workplace.

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Why Learning Goals are Essential


Strategies to implement learning that will help you achieve your goals

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The Uncomfortable Art of Unlearning


Unlearning, fixed versus growth mindsets and working through change....

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When Work-based Learning is best done at home.


Rachel explores whether work-based learning should be done in your work or personal time and whether there's a difference these days.

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How to Win with Webinars


If you’ve been asked to deliver a webinar and you haven’t done it before, there’s a few things you need to be aware of.

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Owning Your Career Development


Changing work and career patterns mean that we can no longer rely on our employers to prepare us for our future careers, we can take ownership for ourselves.

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The role of the manager in supporting employee learning


The role of the line manager is key in supporting employee learning - here's 7 practical tips that line managers can use

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The rise and rise of women’s networks


Why are women's networking groups on the rise and can they really make a difference? Rachel recounts her recent experiences of networking in The Netherlands and reviews what makes a network successful.

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The Future of Work – the impact on workplace learning


Part two of our ‘Shaping the Future’ Learning series – in this blog we look at the future of work, the skills that are needed and how the learning industry is responding.

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The Future of Learning


Workplace learning is changing - how technology is 'opening up' both personal and workplace learning.

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My Mantra – how I self-talk my way to success


A mantra is a short saying or ‘affirmation’ that we say to ourselves to help remove negative thoughts or self-limiting beliefs, and replace them with something more positive. I have had some very different and distinct mantras at different times of my life, and each has had a powerful role to play.

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The business case for using video-based learning


A summary of a live 'twitter-chat' hosted by @LnDConnect on the use of video-based learning solutions, featuring the video shared by Talentstorm Director Rachel Broome.

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The changing nature of leading teams


Team-leaders are at the coal-face of modern organisations, and as such, need their axes to be always sharp. This blog looks at the challenges they face, and the approaches that will help them.

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Mentoring: a formal arrangement or an informal conversation?


While formal mentoring schemes have been shown to deliver great results, quite often we can benefit greatly from those ‘informal’ mentoring conversations. Here are our top tips on how to maximise informal mentoring opportunities.

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Why everybody needs a coach


Taking ownership of our own learning is critical if we want to be prepared for the future. But a frenzied consumption of learning content may get us nowhere. Coaching can help individuals solve problems, see the bigger picture and set and achieve personal learning goals.

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How to Pitch like a pro


Trying to gain buy-in and approval for a work-based project, or even more importantly, to secure funding so that project can see the light of day is no easy task. We’ve pulled together key tips from the sales sphere to help you ‘pitch’ your project or proposal to get the outcome you want.

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From equality to diversity to inclusion: the shifting emphasis of progress


Definitions of the terms equality, diversity and inclusion and how having clarity on their meaning can help organisations map progress.

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What L&D and Marketing can learn from each other…


L&D and Marketing teams have common foundations and complimentary skills. Here are our tips for successful partnership working between the two functions.

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Modern learning strategy for the small business


How the four key themes of modern learning strategy (strategy, skills, content and culture) stack up for the smaller organisation...

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The hidden benefits of an internal coaching programme


Making coaching available to all employees in a business has multiple benefits, but many of these are hidden from the wider view.

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Tips for implementing an internal coaching programme


If you truly want a learning organisation then there is no better way than by making coaching available to all employees, regardless of rank. Here we run through our tips for implementing a coaching programme.

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The truth about ditching the annual appraisal…


Getting rid of an annual appraisal doesn't mean something is taken away. Find out how to strengthen your one to one process and include elements of the traditional appraisal instead.

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How to maximize your personal learning


Rachel shares her reflections and tips on maximizing personal learning

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Managing stakeholders made simple


Drawing from her experience of implementing projects that affect all people across an organisation, Rachel shares her top tips for managing stakeholders.

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70:20:10 and the role of the Learning Practitioner


A chance encounter with Professor Charles Jennings allowed Talentstorm Director Rachel Broome a deeper insight into this hotly debated model...

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4 tips for creating objectives you can achieve


Struggling to keep up with those New Years resolutions? Read our guest blog from The Appraisd Team.

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Digital learning content – why less is more


Top tips on how to create meaningful digital learning content

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Why Blogging is Good for Business


My take on how blogging can help both personally and professionally

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What is blended learning anyway?


A rundown on how workplace training is changing and what makes up the new label of 'blended' learning

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