How video microlearning can revolutionise your training

Using a video or two to supplement a training course is nothing new, however flipping it round so the video content is the training, and not just one video but a series of micro-learning videos – and we have a whole new approach to skills development. In this blog we examine what video micro-learning is, its benefits, and examine a range of ways video micro-learning can be embedded into your training strategy.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is defined as bite-sized content which learners typically find more engaging. In its simplest form microlearning consists of ‘small learning units’. Learning new skills isn’t easy, so having them broken down into a micro skill that can be practiced straight away is one of the best reasons that microlearning works.

Why video microlearning?

Microlearning and video make a perfect match. Video content has a much higher recall as it can be visually exciting and interesting to engage the brain. Stella Collins in her book ‘Neuroscience for learning & development’, states that ‘most people find pictures and video improve their ease of learning and the retention of information’.

The definition of microlearning when talking about video equates to a video of 3 minutes or less in length that focuses on one key skill area, as part of a microlearning strategy, according to elearningindustry.com in their 2019 Video Based Learning Strategy report.

Benefits of video microlearning

Learn as you go

Deloitte’s research on the modern learner showed that workers only had an average of 1% of their working time to spend on learning in a typical week. This equates to only 24 minutes of an employee’s time at work.

Being able to fit in smaller chunks of learning means less time taking people out of the business for training. This fits with how modern learners want to learn, ‘on-the-go’, at their own pace, and mobile, accessing content from their own devices. Additionally, for many, time off-the-job for training is at a premium, e.g., any customer facing employees such as call-centre teams. So having a self-paced, micro, mobile option is one that ticks the boxes of efficiency as well as being more effective.

Creates a ‘consumer grade’ experience

Learning strategist Lori Niles-Hoffman talks about the ‘massive chasm between consumer-grade and corporate-grade digital experiences.’ Traditional training and learning solutions, powerpoint decks, clunky click-through e-learning modules, are not what people use at home when they want to find something out. People are used to finding ‘how-to’ YouTube videos on just about anything. A short, captioned video that can be watched while on the bus, in a waiting room, that is easily searchable and straight to the point with the message. There is a multitude of video training content available through different providers and platforms, however most of this is too lengthy to be called micro-learning.

Creates shared ownership of training

Video, as a stand-alone tool, can be used by non-trainers, such as team leaders, and built into regular team meetings or one to ones. Going a step further than this, video resources can be accessed by individuals at a time (and place) that suits them, with no limit on how often content is revisited. Providing video content, with supporting information such as a workbook provides a ready-made mini training session. Providing ready-to-use microlearning video content with supporting discussion materials is a no-brainer when the result is that it supports line managers in delivering skills-based training, and encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own learning.

Repetition, repetition, repetition

The most obvious benefit of microlearning video content is that it can be viewed over and over. Any individual that wants a refresher, a manager that wants to coach an individual on a specific area can have access to the content. This repetition serves to reinforce the new skills or behaviours until they are second nature.


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