Four ways to embed video microlearning into your training strategy

While the benefits of video microlearning may be self-evident (and if not, read our blog), approaches to fully embed a new approach need a strategy to be effective. Just simply letting your teams loose on new video content may not have the desired effect without some thinking. LearningPlanet, voted Best Online Soft Skills Training Platform 2021, have a suite of 1-minute and 10-minute training video’s covering a range of soft skills including leadership, wellbeing, customer service and sales. Each video has an accompanying workbook or worksheet with prompt questions. LearningPlanet take us through four key strategies their clients use to get results.

Parallel but self-paced

At electrical and automation specialists NHP Electrical, with remote team members across different locations, they let the team know they must watch a video within a timescale, and then review the discussion questions at the next team meeting or daily huddle. This gives the benefit of a collective discussion but with the flexibility of having watched at a time that suits them.

“We have a full review as each module is completed. Lots of opportunities come out of it because the whole team is learning it together and they hold each other accountable. Where they might not otherwise discuss how they’ve handled a call or process, they now freely challenge each other.’

LearningPlanet has a GroupWatch feature which allows a line manager to ‘assign’ a video to a team for them to watch independently, with visibility when this has been completed. This small but subtle feature is a behavioural ‘nudge’ to encouraging everyone to watch a video in the same time-frame. This strategy keeps the time down for the meeting/huddle and focuses more on the discussion and sharing of thoughts/outcomes/application of the video watched.

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways are simply a roadmap of content, themed around a central topic like Customer Service. Some organisations create their own learning pathways, pulling together both custom and off-the-shelf content into an LMS or LXP platform. Pathways are matched to your pain points or where you need to see measurable results. LearningPlanet provide ready-made sample learning pathways for their suite of content which prove popular with their clients. The Lines Company’s call-centre team were introduced to the LearningPlanet suite at a time of major change, they needed support with soft skills training to give their team the added confidence and skills to face the challenges ahead. They replicated the learning journey on their wall. The team were able to create their own avatar they could move along to show their progress. This visibility encouraged self-management in a fun, engaging way for the team.

‘The idea of having a roadmap with staff avatars is to create team visibility of the learning journey and drive self-management.’

A coaching approach

Video micro-learning is the perfect accompaniment for line managers that want to coach individuals in their teams on skills. Each video, as it covers a specific skill, allows in-depth focus on that skill area. Individuals can feedback on what they’ve used, what they’ve learnt, and if the skill needs revisiting it’s easy for it to be reviewed again in the one to one. If they are struggling with something, all the clues are there for the line manager to revisit to break it down step by step. A team member at The Lines Company shared:

‘With the first four modules my line manager would sit me down and would do them with me. It has shifted me and given me awareness. My whole attitude has changed because of it. It’s been amazing. I’ve always had empathy, but it’s brought it out so much more. My conversations on the phone now are quite different’

Build a Common Language

 As the LearningPlanet suite covers a range of soft skills, management behaviours, wellbeing, and customer service skills, it provides a useful foundation and common language for an organisation. At The Lines Company LearningPlanet has evolved into a core tool and is now a foundational part of their competency framework:

“The learning has re-enforced knowledge and provided a sense of confidence. Our people started using a common language which helps ensure consistency and improve communication. It has given our people confidence in coping with and understanding change, gaining a real understanding of what things mean in business terms, back-to-basics understanding of the key things they need to do their job, more openness to learning in general.”


At Talentstorm, we are the UK & European partner for LearningPlanet – a video microlearning provider. Click here for a 2-minute overview of LearningPlanet’s video microlearning.

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