I’m delighted to announce the launch of the Learning & Development Book Club – for L&D and people professionals that want to keep up to date and share their learning with like-minded peers!

The L&D profession is rapidly evolving. Whether its re-skilling your workforce, improving your training through applying neuroscience, or implementing diversity strategies, there’s so much that today’s modern people professionals need to keep on top of.

Our book club gives you the opportunity to learn with others, by reading and joining in our group discussions. You’ll be practicing real social learning, from peers, in a safe environment.

How will it work?

We’ll crowd source the book choices for each month’s read from our private FB group – you buy the book and do the reading, we’ll host a Zoom Book Club session to review each book. We’ll feature giveaways and prizes each month. We’ll also feature our book choices here, so if you don’t want to join the group, but want to see our recommendations, you can!

** Please be aware we will be using affiliate links, so if you purchase from one of our links below, we will get a small commission. **

All you have to do is join our private Facebook Group the Learning & Development Hub

Our October 2021 read on the theme up Upskilling and Reskilling has been chosen:

Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that don’t even exist yet

Written by the former chief innovation officer of Strada Education Network’s Institute for the Future of Work, the book examines:

  • How will a dramatically extended lifespan affect our careers?
  • How will more time in the workforce shape our educational demands?
  • Will a four-year degree earned at the start of a 100-year career adequately prepare us for the challenges ahead?

Available from the US or on Kindle

If you want to join in the conversation as we read, head on over to the Learning & Development Hub!


The other choices were:

The New Long Life: A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World

With 4.5 stars on Amazon, this new book (2020) is an update of the original ‘The 100 year-life’.

To view/order click on your location:  UK      US      Netherlands/Germany      rest of the world


The 100 Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity 

To view/order click on your location:   UK     US      Netherlands/Germany      rest of the world


The Great Skills Gap: Optimising Talent for the Future of work

(Note: hardcover only, no audio option, a collection of essays from different people rather than a single narrative)

To view/order click on your location:     UK   US      Netherlands/Germany        rest of the world


The Talent Equation: Big Data Lessons for Navigating the Skills Gap and building a global workforce.

(Note: A little pricier as it’s available as hardback or on kindle). 4.5 stars on Amazon (3 reviews) or 3.71 stars on Goodreads (21 reviews)

To view/order click on your location:     UK    US      Netherlands/Germany         rest of the world


Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs – the skills gap and what you can do about it –

4 stars audible/kindle and paperback

To view/order click on your location:     UK    US      Netherlands/Germany          rest of the world


Win this month’s prize

Every month we’ll be giving away a prize to someone in the FB group. This month our giveaway is a copy of Binna Kandola’s ‘The Value of Difference: Eliminating bias in organisations

All you have to do is join our free Facebook Group The Learning and Development Hub, and invite someone else into the group, and let us know in a comment on one of the #BookClub threads and you could have your copy winging its way over to you! We’ll announce the winner on the 1st October

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