Offering online training outside your organisation – what are the platform considerations?

Offering online training outside your organisation – what are the platform considerations?

This white paper explores the crucial factors that organizations need to consider when offering online training to external audiences. With the accelerated shift to digital learning solutions, accelerated further by the pandemic, and the continued prevalence of hybrid/remote work, organizations have recognized the value of providing training externally as either a core aspect of their business or as a means of supporting their core operations by training customers and partners. Consequently, there has been a substantial increase in corporates expanding their focus to deliver online training to external stakeholders, accompanied by a corresponding growth in available platforms for hosting such training.

The field within the learning technologies market that concentrates on providing learning, education, and certification to non-employees and non-academic audiences is commonly referred to as “Extended Enterprise training.” This audience may encompass potential customers, existing customers, channel partners, distributors, essentially anyone associated with the organization but not directly employed by them. Understanding this segment is crucial because traditional employee and academic systems tend to be less user-friendly due to their mandatory nature. As a result, “Extended Enterprise” has emerged as a distinct segment within the learning technologies market.

In this paper, we delve into the platform considerations that organizations should evaluate when embarking on external online training initiatives. We examine crucial features, scalability, security measures, customization options, and integration capabilities. By addressing these key considerations, organizations can make well-informed decisions to select suitable platforms that align with their strategic goals and effectively cater to the needs of external learners.

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