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LearningPlanet: Case Study


How online video resources have helped Mitsubishi’s call-centre teams win in the CRM Awards

If anyone can advise on the most effective customer services training methods it’s Haig Davidson. Haig heads a multi award winning contact centre team at Mitsubishi’s head office in Porirua, New Zealand.

As Customer Advocacy Manager, he has overseen awards in both the Supreme Winner (Under 50 Seats) and Automotive Industry categories in the CRM Awards every year since 2012, including 2018. The CRM awards, held annually at Sky City in Auckland, is the largest national event for New Zealand’s contact centre industry and boasts other industry heavyweights such as Coca-Cola, Amatil, Mercury, ANZ, Automobile Association and New Zealand Post.

The competition doesn’t get much tougher, but Haig’s confidence in his team is supported by quality online training in the form of LearningPlanet, which he has used since April 2013.

“It’s highly cost effective compared to classroom training and the team can go online and complete it at their own pace. They don’t have to go and sit in a boardroom somewhere. It’s a good way to engage with staff and for the cost of one day’s training you can put a whole team on LearningPlanet for a year.”

‘It’s a good way to engage with staff and for the cost of one day’s training you can put a whole team on LearningPlanet for a year’

As well as the contact centre, which comprises 11 staff, Haig also manages the customer experience in the dealer network which employs 400 people nationwide and oversees customer services in sales and after sales experiences.

The contact centre team receives tailored LearningPlanet training thanks to Learning Pathways. Making 20,000 outbound calls a month and receiving around 3500 inbound calls per month, it is part of their KPIs to complete two modules per month. Haig says there is a measurable return on investment.

“Our two biggest areas of focus are customer complaints and hitting targets to book test drives at the dealerships – that’s a big KPI. We used Learning Pathways to boost closing techniques. You can really see a difference with how customers are handled. There is an increase in productivity, staff are managing their time better, there is a better customer experience.”

It’s also encouraged teamwork, with staff discussing different situations and techniques, which they don’t often get time to do when they’re on the phones. The flexibility it gives people in being able to learn at their own pace has proven invaluable and the fact modules are presented in easy-to-digest one-minute videos has been a big hit.

“Staff love it, it’s so easy to use and they can work off videos and workbooks and it’s nice for me because I can log in and see what they have done as we have individual licensing. It also saves time as we can do it pre-meeting and then discuss the content during our meetings. Anything you find in a contact centre environment you can find in LearningPlanet.”

‘Staff love it. Anything you can find in a contact centre environment you can find in LearningPlanet’

The flexibility, accessibility and cost effectiveness of the ever-expanding content is a consistent drawcard for Haig.

“It’s easily accessible on mobile phones, it’s an easy way to get training across to a wider centre or bigger audience. With social media everyone is on their phones looking at all sorts of video content.

I think the generation of today is more prone to accepting something like LearningPlanet.” For Haig, the return on investment is plain for everyone to see.

‘We’ve got the results in the cabinet over here’.


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