What a Summer so Far!

It’s been an interesting summer, with the end of lockdown in The Netherlands, and a move to the new ‘normal’. I’ve had a few highlights – namely success in a bid for some funded research, jointly with two UK academics, on my new offer of Personal Development Coaching. For this project we were offering ‘free’ Personal Development Coaching sessions to professionals in Eindhoven through June-July. We had a great response and have really enjoyed working with those individuals. We continue to offer our Personal Development Coaching sessions to anyone that is interested, in The Netherlands, the UK or elsewhere all via Zoom. Online coaching works really well and we’re happy to be supporting some individuals on a longer-term arrangement.

Although I’ve been a trained coach for many years, now this is a core part of my offer, I’ve become a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and am currently on track to gain Practitioner level accreditation with them over the next couple of months. I’m very excited to be affiliated with such a diverse and energetic organisation, I took part in their online conference last month and have enjoyed extending my network.

Black Lives Matter

We were paying close attention to the issues raised through the Black Lives Matter protests. I personally have been involved with policy making and designing and delivering training around equality and diversity issues for many years. As a business we will always support and promote inclusivity. With the renewed focus on the topics of injustice I wanted to do something practical, so I wrote a video script for a 10-minute training video on Unconscious Bias which my friends at LearningPlanet have now brought to life and have added to their suite of nearly 300 micro-learning videos.

Unconscious Bias – 10-minute video
This video includes key terminology relating to equality and diversity, workplace examples/opportunities, and an overview of legal frameworks including protected characteristics. The video comes with a workbook with 4 sets of discussion questions allowing for personal reflection and group conversations. The video is designed to support a trainer or facilitator by framing a 60 minute training session by providing key information in a helpful, structured way by allowing further discussion and application.

  • What creates unconscious bias
  • Why it is harmful
  • Different types of bias
  • How to prevent Unconsious bias

If you’d like to know more or have a demo or free trial of LearningPlanet’s suite of training videos – let me know!

The Dutch have a Saying for that…

‘Je moet een gelegenheid bij de haren grijpen’

Translates as ‘When you have an opportunity, you have to grab it by the hairs’

This one needs no explanation – but a challenge – what are you going to grab by the hairs?

I’m off on my travels over the next few weeks, visiting the UK then road-tripping with stops in Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. Then a little trip to Greece with extended family (if all falls into place with travel arrangements!). So if I’m quiet for a bit that’s why!

Hope you have a great summer,


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